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 About Wolverton's Cycling & Fitness


Wolverton's interior 

Wolverton's Cycling & Fitness is the oldest bike shop in Reading, Pa.  Wolverton's was started by Charles "Red" Wolverton back in the 1960's.  Charles was a avid motorcycle rider and at one time held the land speed record for a motorcycle rider.  Besides racing motorcycles Charles also sold them.  Eventually Charles went from selling motorcycles to selling bicycles.  Charles started Wolverton's Bike Shop in West Lawn, Pa but was eventually moved to its current location here in Hyde Park, PA.

     Earl Fix was the second owner of Wolverton's.  He owned the bike shop for 2-3 years and then sold the shop to James A. Sheipe in the early 70's.  During the 70's and 80's Jim grew Wolverton's into a power house Schwinn Bicycle store.  He created a very family friendly bike store during his "reign" at Wolverton's.  Jim always emphazised customer service and to this day Wolverton's stands by that moto.  When Schwinn Bicycles started to make fitness equipment, Jim was one of the first to begin selling their equipment.  In 1988 Wolverton's had a major fire 2 weeks before Christmas, the shop was rebuilt and additions were added to the building and still remains the same to this day. 

    In 1998 James A. Sheipe sold the store to his son Jim C. Sheipe, the current owner.  When Jim took over the shop the first thing he did was bring in the largest manufactuers of bicycles in the country, Trek Bikes.  Since then Wolverton's has expanded its lines to Gary Fisher, Specialized Bikes, Electra, Kink Bikes, Haro, FIT Bikes, Horizon Fitness, Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness Thule Car Racks and many more.

    At Wolverton's we cater to all types of bike riders, families, BMX riders, and avid cyclists.  We sell comfort bikes, hybrids, fitness bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMX bikes.  We deal with the best bike companies in the business.  We have all the equipment that you need for your bike from bags, pumps, helmets, cycling shoes and clothing and much more.  Our fitness equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, upright exercise bikes, and recumbents from Vision Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Matrix Fitness.  If you need your bike repaired, we do that also.