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Trade In & Upgrade

Trade In & Upgrade

Is it time to take your bike and riding experience to a whole new level? Seize the season with a new bike without skipping a single beat. You want more out of your rides? We got you! Feel the latest technology at work to get you spinning further and faster with an added dose of fun! We will simplify the trade-in process, show you an array of upgrade options that'll check all your boxes, then get you rolling out the door. We can't wait to introduce you to your new dream bike.

How to Trade-In 

1. Bring your bike to Wolverton's Cycling & Fitness and notify an associate that you are interested in trading it in.

2. We will enter your bike information in the Bicycle Blue Book database to determine the value of the bike based on the model, condition, components, and other pertinent information.
3. If you like the trade-in offer, we will help you pick a new bike and apply your agreed-upon trade-in amount towards the purchase price.

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